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How to set up your phone and 360 vr headset

On your phone, go to your App Store, and download the Yulio Viewer (Free) 

  1. In the Yulio Viewer app, you can use your vision to give commands. 

To do this, you need to notice the tiny dot that automatically appears in the view.  (It's a tiny white outline of a dot, in the middle of the view.) When you point this to pre-programmed possible commands, the app will load the next view.  Let's try this out.  Open the App.  Find the tiny dot in the middle of the screen.  Point the dot to the Red Button that says "Stare at Me", and you'll see it takes your command when it shows a circle loading.  Then, do the same thing while pointing to the "Next" button.  Now, you're App is ready!

  1. Use a QR code or web link to access your project (provided by IMD).

  2. When the link opens, it should open in a browser first.  It will look like what you've previously seen on your computer.

  3. Now, click the top right VR Headset Icon. This will automatically open in your Yulio Viewer App.

  4. Now you'll see duplicated images, one on the left, and one on the right.  Click on the Settings gear in the bottom center, and select Switch Viewer: Default.

  5. Click OK to Allow access to Camera.

  6. Then, using your phone's camera (automatically enabled in the app), scan the QR code on the headset.  This will calibrate the phone to the headset.

  7. You should receive confirmation that the phone is successfully paired. Now, you are ready to go! 

  8. Release the latch on the headset.  Align the line on your phone to the center of the headset line. Bring the phone to vertical position and latch the phone to the headset.

  9. Now you can use the headset to view the project images!  Remember to use your vision to scroll through the images.

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There is a 60% higher retention rate from information conveyed

through an immersive experience compared to traditional learning.

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360 virtual reality

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Virtual Reality (VR) is a new, interactive way to show and immerse yourself in an non-existing space.

There 2 ways to experience 360 VR

- The first is online, using a computer and monitor.

- The second is from your phone, and then using a headset to view the images in an immersive format.

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