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Voted "Local Hero in VR & AR"                        at DC WebFest 2018

virtual reality

a tool for architectural visualization

Virtual Reality (VR) is a new, interactive way to show and immerse yourself in an unbuilt space.

  • Renderings provide the viewer a 3D image, but one sees it as a 2D format (a flat image on a screen or print out), from one static viewpoint. 
  • Animation gives the audience the opportunity to see a walk-thru with various viewpoints, limited by a fixed, predetermined camera path.

VR is an experience.   

Whether you're watching it as a group up on a large screen, personally have the VR headset on, or are in VR with multiple "players", the experience is interactive and immersive.  VR takes Design Development and pre-construction Sales to a completely new way of doing things.

Compatible Headsets

360 VR Panoramic Rendering + Animation


Immersive + Interactive VR


Content Creation

IMD focuses on Content Creation to make Virtual Reality applications meaningful and easy to use.

There is a 60% higher retention rate from information conveyed
through an immersive experience compared to traditional learning.

This company does amazing work. They prepared virtual reality tours of our buildings while they were still under construction. We were skeptical at first, but blown away by their talent, professionalism, and the product they produced. We will and have already highly recommended them, and we’ll continue to use them for future projects.
— Kenneth Segarnick, CCO Brandywine Living

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