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Virtual Design + Construction

Specialty Visualization Services for Construction Simulation

3D Modeling

IMD's 4D Construction Simulation for the Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant (BRWWTP) in Baltimore, Maryland which services the entire City of Baltimore. This animation provides a background history on the site and shows the construction procedures Archer Western will follow on-site. This animation was used to communicate with subcontractors during all phases of the project.

Given the magnitude and coordination effort needed on these very aggressive projects, working with IMD and their BIM deliverables has provided a good return on investment.
— Senior Superintendent, Archer Western

3d Rendering

Private Estate, Virginia

Realistic 3D Renderings helped homeowner visualize Architectural and Custom Designs for various aspects and details of the home. These images were created per Landscape Designers specifications, for a realistic representation pre-construction.


IMD Animation for Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport (FLL) showing upcoming expansion for presentations with the Airlines and Public Outreach. This 20 minute short film includes our Film Crew’s documentation of the airport’s existing conditions and illustrates two design options, from which the airport authority later selected one design to proceed.

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Virtual Design + Construction

take your construction schedule and make it visual

A great communication tool for Prime Contractor, Client, and Subcontractors, to mitigate risk by testing out processes and identifying conflicts in a digital model. 

Virtual building simulation also allow more efficient training of in-experienced staff, and with the use of Virtual Reality offers advanced training simulations before being on-site.

IMD works with your in-house capabilities to supplement your team, enhance your work, and meet short deadlines. From Bidding to Construction, pre-visualization is an important tool.

brand support + Graphic Design

  • Construction Site Signage

  • Project Management Graphics + Charts

  • Subcontractor + Employee Communications