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Brandywine Senior living | residential

  • PROJECT: Brandywine Senior Living, New Construction

  • OWNER: Brandywine Living

  • LOCATION: Alexandria, Virginia


    Niles Bolton Associates


    • Marketing & Sales


    • 3D Modeling

    • 3D Rendering

    • Animation Video

    • Virtual Reality (VR)


Brandywine Living is a provider of senior living facilities for high quality care. Their newest location in Alexandria, Virginia was the first of it's kind. 3D Renderings and an Animation helped sell the new residences before construction of the new building.  

Below, you’ll find images from IMD’s architectural visualization package.

In addition, comparison images have been included to show the process from

1) the Architect’s Revit model,

2) IMD’s rendering/animation, and

3) Photos from the location’s Open House.

Architectural Visualization Package

Selected works

Project Process