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Virtual Reality for Architects

ArchiExpo Magazine

By Erin Gigl  | Chicago


Virtual Reality has been a buzzword for years; however, there’s a great lack of use in the architecture field. “Why the hesitation?” asked Daniel Zeballos and Florencia Bialet, principals of the visualization company Illustrate My Design, during their conference The Future of Architectural Visualization at this year’s NeoCon.

They looked to tie up those loose ends of doubt by showing a video of a VR visualization which allowed the audience to see just how interactive and life-like this technology has become. By clicking on specific spaces with a controller, one can test furniture and fabrics and can visualize depth of field in order to easily see—instead of imagine—how a space could look. These VR experts, who are among the avant-garde in the industry, emphasized the fact that it’s time for workers in the AEC industry to adapt.

We are still looking at 3D renderings in 2D formats and it’s no longer necessary or enough. People have been slow to adapt to technology forever, but eventually they do. At the end of their panel, the two speakers warned “don’t be left behind, be an early adopter,” because the learning curve grows with time. “This is just the beginning, the dawn of VR, and the technology is moving very fast.”

As Zeballos related in a chat with ArchiExpo, “Remember VHS? People used to borrow their friend’s instead of buying their own. Soon that seemed silly. This is similar.”