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Case Study: Brandywine Living


Brandywine Living is a premier provider of quality, supportive care and services to seniors in the Mid-Atlantic region. The demand for their services has been growing, but they were still using old-fashioned methods in their design process and sales tools. In addition, their newest facility in Alexandria, Virginia has new plans because it is the first of their developments in an urban environment and more than two floors. The architects at Niles Bolton Associates created a more modern design, with double height spaces in many areas to create visual connections between floors. Because of its unique configuration, the design team had new challenges, and the sales teams didn’t have similar or previous photos to show what it would look like to prospective residents.

IMD partnered with Brandywine Living to complement/enhance their progress through design development, marketing and sales for new locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, and specifically the new Alexandria project. For a couple of months the artists at IMD worked closely with designers and architects to visualize all interior finishes, furniture, lighting and decoration, months before installation. Brenda, owner of Brandywine Living, said “It’s amazing to visualize all the carpet installed, now I can see the pattern and decide. Before I only got a small sample and I couldn’t visualize the impact it will create on 150,000 sq ft.” Many items like wallpaper, fabrics, curtains, and wood finishes were visualized beforehand, saving time and money. Deciding on the right wallpaper saved enough to cover the cost of IMD’s services completely!

IMD produced a computer-generated marketing video that walked the prospect through a tour of the new residence, showing all signature spaces, some not seen in other facilities, and none in such an urban environment with modern architecture. Sales of the most recent location exceeded Brandywine’s expectations!

This company does amazing work. They prepared virtual reality tours of our buildings while they were still under construction. We were skeptical at first, but blown away by their talent, professionalism, and the product they produced. We will and have already highly recommended
them, and we’ll continue to use them for future projects.
— Kenneth Segarnick, Chief Corporate Officer