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Streamlining Construction


CLIENT Archer Western

PROJECT Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant

INFORMATION PROVIDED Schedule with 6,000 Line Items, Construction Documents: 1,300 Page Plan.

SOLUTION 4D Construction Simulation, including chronological timeline and print graphics.


MAN HOURS 1,000 Hours

IMD’s customized 4D Construction Simulation services help illustrate Archer Western’s construction process at the Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant. The plant, originally built in 1911, is the largest fixed-film denitrification system in the world, handling 180 million gallons of water per day, with a total area of 466 acres. It is owned and operated by the City of Baltimore and services over one million residents. The animation in drone view gave an important perspective to the plant, which is mostly underground. Project completion entails three years with an overall budget of $536 million.

ABOUT THE CLIENT Archer Western is a large construction company with seven regional offices around the country. They are part of the Walsh Group, a top-ranking a construction management, design-build, and contracting company. IMD worked with the Senior Superintendent who oversaw the entire scheduling and plan of the project.

CIRCUMSTANCES & CHALLENGES This water plant was an incredibly large project. The scheduling consultant turned the 1,300 pages of Construction Documents into a schedule with more than 6,000 line items. The largest pipes in the plan are over eight feet in diameter and could comfortably fit a car inside. At the peak of construction, there would be 350 workers on-site, dozens of construction vehicles, and several cranes. The upgrades to the plant would take three years, while never shutting down service to Baltimore residents.

In addition to the size of the project, there were other challenges of how to go about the work in the most efficient way. It had to be organized so that numerous teams of workers would always be engaged with the project, and each step in the sequence had to coordinate with the workflow of all areas throughout the plant. Typical to large construction projects, there was the concern about the high late penalty fee, and completing the project by the deadline was imperative. The visualization proved the timeline of the work was realistic, and troubleshooted conflicts even before they happened on site!

SOLUTION IMD produced an animation that combined the schedule and construction documents to illustrate the sequence of all of the major elements in the plan.