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Lighting Design at The Wharf

IMD Helps Citelum Win Lighting Design Project for the Francis Case Memorial Bridge


CLIENT Citelum

PROJECT Francis Case Memorial Bridge

INFORMATION PROVIDED Photocopies of plans from the 1960's, Site photos

SOLUTION Animation

TURNAROUND TIME Five days (including one snow day!)

ABOUT THE CLIENT Citelum is an international lighting management company that manages lighting for cities, like London, Madrid and Washington D.C. The bridge was IMD’s first project with them and its’ success lead to many more together. IMD worked with their design team, who developed a plan for LED lighting at each pillar of the bridge that can be controlled to change color for different times of day and special events.

CIRCUMSTANCES & CHALLENGES IMD had five days to complete the project, including one snow day. The project involved modeling the bridge, applying the lighting, then making an animation. The only information provided was photocopies of the original plans for the bridge from the 1930s and some site photos.

SOLUTION The solution was to make an animation to show the way the lights could change. Since there was not a lot of time, we did the animation with one camera view, making an easier streamlined process. To accomplish the project by the deadline the team needed their architectural knowledge to understand the plans from the 1960s, expertise in lighting design, and a streamlined process to produce the work in four days.

RESULTS Citelum won the project! There were several design changes so the final lighting design is not exactly as we rendered, as the project needed approval from the U.S. Commission on Fine Arts. Along with the animation we provided a 24x36 high resolution image that is now displayed in the Wharf Exhibition Center.