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How to Make Collaboration a Great Success

Interview with Holzmann Moss Bottino Architects

It has been a pleasure working with your team! These (deliverables) are great. Honestly, one of the easier - probably the easiest actually- collaborations I’ve had with a rendering/animation company. I can’t say enough positive things.
— Angela Ngo, Assoc. AIA
The animations look great. You guys have done a tremendous job. As importantly, you are all great to work with. We look forward to completing this package and doing more work together in the future.
— Nestor Bottino, FAIA

Nestor Bottino, FAIA, is Principal of Holzmann Moss Bottino Architects in New York City and the lead Architect for our project the Center for the Arts in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Angela Ngo, Assoc. AIA works at the firm and was the main point of contact.


Angela, you said this was probably the easiest collaboration with a rendering or animation company you’ve had. Thanks for the compliment! What made it so?
I think the process was pretty seamless for all of us. The IMD team was easy to communicate with and Daniel and Adrian are great at responding with quick emails. We knew the clear deadlines ahead of time from our client and IMD was receptive to their changes as the project progressed.

What tools helped your process?
It was good to get PDFs with project images which I could mark up with comments before the conference calls. This was our review before the client actually saw the work. Then, the GoToMeetings were beneficial for everyone to look at the same content and go through it together, and also helped the client to make a decision right then and there.

What were some of the challenges you found working with other consultants, and what was different about IMD?
It was a breeze compared to all of the other people I’ve dealt with for renderings! Others have been unwilling to compromise or make changes as the project goes along. We always make a lot of changes but that’s part of our design process. There was no push-back from IMD, and you were able to easily incorporate our updates. In the past, it was hard to make changes with the software we were using. This time we worked with Revit so it was really convenient to make a minor change, then export and send to IMD to incorporate in your working files.

Many times, the amount of hours required for coordination with an outside consultant is a key factor in deciding whether to send out the work or not. How many hours did you spend coordinating our recent project together?
I didn’t spend too much time doing the coordination effort. The whole process was about three months from when we first contacted you to when we received the final deliverables. It worked out to be about 4 hours per week - that’s nothing!