pittsburgh terminal modernization | aviation

  • PROJECT:  PIT Terminal Modernization Project
  • CLIENT:  Allegheny County Airport Authority
  • LOCATION:   Washington DC
  • AVIATION CONSULTANT:  Ricondo & Associates
  • PROJECT PHASE:                   
    • Design Development  
  • SERVICES:     
    • 3D Modeling
    • 3D Rendering
    • Animation Video


IMD created a visualization video for the PIT Terminal Modernization Program near
the completion of the planning phase of the project. The purpose of the animation was for public relations and the recruitment of A&E and PM proposals. The 3D Animation showed the planning phase, completed by Ricondo & Associates. It includes overall visuals of the site to identify existing and future construction, provides an overview of the passenger experience for both Departures and Arrivals paths through the future airport
terminal, and highlights the essence of design concepts and how aspects of the design address current issues of existing conditions.